Statement of Ethos

At Green Crescent Primary School we are passionate about providing a high standard of education while creatively inspiring pupils in a positive learning environment. We encourage parents to work with us in an effort to nurture children upon the strong morals, discipline and exemplary behaviour that Islam promotes. This will Insha’Allah prepare our Pupils to become well informed, upright, moral citizens who provide a positive contribution to the community and society as a whole Insha’Allah.


Our Ethos 

Our ethos is Islamic. Our purpose is to instil the proper Tarbiyyah (education and upbringing/cultivation) in our Pupils regarding every aspect of their lives. We endeavour to serve and please our Creator by safeguarding children for the future Insha’Allah. In order to carry out this great responsibility, we refer to the Quran and Sunnah as well as the way of the Sahaba and those who followed after them.


By guiding our Pupils on the path of Islam, beyond what has been portrayed in the Media or practised by those who are misinformed, we believe that our school will be a positive force in uniting the community and raising society upon that which is good; countering anti-Islamic sentiment and misunderstanding and moving towards a better educated and understanding society. Our Islamic ethos will incorporate core British values ensuring children learn respect, have mutual tolerance with others different to them, make own choices and be confident as individuals. We also encourage children to be responsible of their actions and how to manage their feelings.

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