School Policies 

We have kept our Policies simple so that everyone can understand how our setting is run. We hope these policies are clear and easy to understand. Our school Manager or Deputy will always be on hand to help explain anything that is not fully understood.

The following policies can be made available upon request at the school office:

  • Anti-Bullying Policy

  • Behaviour & Conduct, Discipline & Exclusions Policy

  • Safeguarding Children & Child Protection Policy

  • Admissions Policy

  • Assessment Policy

  • School Uniform Policy

  • Attendance and Absence Policy

  • Complaints Procedure Policy (with the details of the number of a formal complaint in the preceding year)

  • Parental Involvement Policy

  • Home School Agreement Policy

  • First Aid Policy

  • How we use your personal data

We also have various other policies, including the following, which are available from the school upon request:

  • Curriculum Policy (incl. The Educational and Welfare Provision for pupils with
    statements of Special Educational Needs and for pupils for whom English is an
    additional language)

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Health & Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits Policy

Details of Green Crescent Primary’s Behaviour and complaints policy are as follow: